Autographed LPs- Comedy

Vaughn Meader Signed "The First Family" LP Chuck McCann Earle Doud Bob Booker Norma MacMillan Naomi Brossart Jim Lehner Autograph
Groucho Harpo Chico Zeppo Marx Brothers Bud Abbott Lou Costello Stan Laurel Moe Howard Larry Fine Three Stooges Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz William Frawley Vivian Vance Jack Benny Milton Berle Jimmy Durante Phil Silvers Jackie Gleason Art Carney Audrey Meadows Red Buttons Mort Sahl Pinky Lee Jeffrey Hunter Frank Fontaine Autograph Signed Comedians Record Album
Shelley Berman Signed "Inside Shelley Berman" Autographed LP
George Carlin Signed Class Clown Album Autograph
Bob Newhart signed "This Is It!" Record Album
Saturday Night Live Cast Signed LP John Belushi Dan Ackroyd Jane Curtin Garrett Morris Gilda Radner Laraine Newman Chevy Chase Autograph ITEM SOLD
Shelly Berman Signed "New Sides" Record Album
Monty Python signed The Holy Grail LP John Cleese Graham Chapman Eric Idle Michael Palin Terry Jones Carol Cleveland Terry Gilliam Autograph ITEM SOLDSteve Martin Signed "Comedy Is Not Pretty" LP Andy Kaufman Autograph
George Carlin Autograph Signed "Toledo Window Box" Record Album
George Carlin Autograph Signed "Occupation: Foole" Record Album
Cheech Marin And Tommy Chong Autograph Signed First LP Record Album
Sascha Burland Mason Adams Signed "In Our Own Image" The Idiots & Company Autographed LP Record
Cheech Marin And Tommy Chong Autograph Signed "Big Bambu" Record Album ITEM SOLDJonathan Winters Signed "Another Day Another World" Autographed LP
"Laugh-In" Signed LP Dan Rowan Dick Martin Goldie Hawn Judy Carne Ruth Buzzi Jo Anne Worley Artie Johnson Gary Owens Henry Gibson Larry Hovis Autograph
Bill Cosby Allan Sherman Autograph Signed "Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!" 1st LP Record Album
Bill Cosby Autograph Signed "I Started Out As A Child" LP Record Album
Tom Lehrer Autograph Signed "An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer" LP Record Album
Tom & Dick Smothers Brothers Autograph Signed "The Two Sides Of The Smothers Brothers" LP Record Album
Allan Sherman Autograph Signed "My Son, The Celebrity" Unopened LP Record Album ITEM SOLD
Stan Freberg Autograph Signed "With The Original Cast" LP Record Album
Shelley Berman Autograph "Let Me Tell You A Funny Story" Signed LP Record Comedy Album
Tom Lehrer Autograph 3 Signed LPs"An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer" "Tom Lehrer Revisited" "That Was The Year That Was" ITEM SOLD
Signed Tom Dick Smothers Brothers "Aesop's Fables The Smothers Brothers Way" Autographed LP
Redd Foxx Dootsie Williams Autograph Signed "Sly Sex" LP Record Album
Bob Hope Anita Bryant Jill St John Autograph Signed "On The Road To Vietnam" LP Record Album
Jack Benny Dennis Day Autograph Signed "Christmas Is For The Family" LP Record Album
Eddie Murphy Autograph Signed 1st Comedy LP Record Album SNL
Victor Borge Autograph Signed Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales LP Record Album
Woody Allen Autograph Signed Debut Comedy LP Record Album
Steve Martin Autograph x2 Signed "A Wild And Crazy Guy" 1st LP Record Album & 8x10 Color Photo
Monty Python Signed "Live At City Center" LP John Cleese Graham Chapman Eric Idle Michael Palin Terry Jones Carol Cleveland Terry Gilliam Autograph ITEM SOLD
"The Best Of Chickenman" Signed LP Record Album Dick Orkin Jane Roberts Jim Runyon Autograph
Stan Freberg Autograph "The Best Of The Stan Freberg Shows" Signed UK LP Record Album
Bill Cosby Autograph Twice Signed "Short Cuts" DJ Radio Promotional Release LP Record Album
Don Adams Signed "Don Adams Meets The Roving Reporter" LP Record Album Get Smart Autograph ITEM SOLD